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Tools and Mops

Cleaning services
Tools and Mobs Cleaning Services specialises in professional cleaning solutions that are customised to meet the needs of our clients.
Cleaning and Landscaping Services
Responsibility to our environment


We strive to become a preferred provider of high quality cleaning services to the industrial and commercial markets through responsible operations and job creation thus uplifting communities and contributing to the country’s economic challenges.cleaning lady

Tools and Mops provide the highest quality of service to our customers and exceed their expectations Create healthy and lasting relationships with our customers and Provide the right environment and up-skilling to attract and retain quality staff Create job opportunities to immediate communities Attain market leadership by continuously increasing number of clients through quality and safety and

professionalism at all times Going beyond customer expectations – We believe that customers should not issue complaints first, before a fault is detected and rectified.

Within the general areas, such as walkways, cleaning is conducted with the general public in mind. Detail is given to every corner including the small areas within the general public’s sight. Here escalators, elevators, handrails, window frames and table corners in food courts are attended to on a daily basis. Together these can enhance the overall impression of your retail building in the eyes of customers.